4 Imperative Things to Look for in a Lender

4 Imperative Things to Look for in a Lender

Growing up, most of us would have to ask a parent or guardian for something we couldn’t afford. Now, we find ourselves taking a similar path when we go to the bank for a loan. Just like those who raised you, Central Federal will be there for you – financially. Our lending services can help you afford the important things in life like a home or auto purchase. While there are many options available, we believe we’re the best one for you. How can you tell? Check out these 4 imperative things to look for in a lender.

Credentials, Trustworthiness, and Experience

When looking for a lender, it’s important to know that they have the credentials to back up their ability to lend you money. Are they trustworthy and qualified? At Central Federal, our lending officers have over 70 years of financial experience to back us up. It’s also important to have a game plan before searching for a lender. If you’re looking to purchase a new home or afford construction for one, you’ll want someone like us who has experience offering those different types of loans.

Lender Size

Small lenders provide personalized customer services that large lenders could never offer. In general, small lenders can respond to your calls faster, meet with you in person, and even remember your name. We consider ourselves to be a small lender not because of the amount of money we can lend, but due to the fact that we are your local bank.

Reputation Through Reviews

Search engines have been a powerful tool when it comes to finding what you are looking for every day. When it comes to finding a lender, a quick search will usually include valuable reviews . These can help you decide who you want to work with (and who you don’t) because of their reputation. Make sure you see what others have to say about their experience before you call in to learn more.


While you are comparing lenders, consider if their location matters to you. Would you prefer to hand over physical copies to the person managing your loan? That’s more of a possibility when you live nearby. Time zones are another factor to consider here. If you share different ones with your lender, there may be confusion and frustration when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Choosing Central Federal

Our friendly and experienced bankers have exactly what you are looking for in a lender. We work directly with real estate, home improvement, construction, and consumer loans. The first step is to carefully assess your needs, then offer financing solutions that will satisfy those needs. If you need more face-to-face interaction to better understand how we do lending, please do not hesitate to visit Central Federal.